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K.ZIA is a Brussels born, Berlin based, up and coming singer, songwriter and composer. Her sound fuses R&B, Soul, and Pop music in her own unique way. With sometimes groovy afro urban rifs other times melodic harmonic vocals she brings auditors on a journey into her universe right away.

Born of a Martinican father and a Belgo-Congolese mother (internationally acclaimed Zap Mama), K.ZIA was raised amongst many cultures and has travelled the world of Music and Circus, during her child and teenage life.


In 2017, while finishing her studies in Public Relations and Media she decides to  move to Berlin to start her career as an Independent Singer.

K.ZIA's five track debut EP „RED“ was released Summer 2018 covering a variety of musical styles and matters of the young artist's life : Love ups and downs, soul searching and discovering her place in the world as a young, afro-decendant woman.

She describes herself as an afro-european mineral by virtue of her cultural and ethnical background, that is clearly heard in her music created to fuse cultures, genres, bring people from different environments together to celebrate music, love and remembering the important matters of life.


The journey begins.



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